Link4Projects: Intelligent use of European subcontractors

More and more companies have temporary or permanent shortages of additional manpower and expertise. Local subcontractors are busy, have no capacity left or do not meet your requirements.
Link4Projects helps you to find the right subcontractors.

What is the Link4Projects relationship with the European subcontractor?

In recent years Link4Projects has built a network with European subcontractors from Southern and Central Europe.
Subcontractors with a solid experience and knowledge in one or more specialisations, with or without experience in Belgium or other European countries. Link4Projects visits the subcontractors in their home country and gets to know them personally in order to assess their expertise.
Link4Projects regularly informs them about possible projects and introduces them to the companies asking. For the Belgian contractor, Link4Projects is the missing link between your company project and the resources, manpower and expertise of the European subcontractor.

Link4Projects is the legal liaison required for the European subcontractor in Belgium

Recently, the obligations that foreign employers must comply with in order to employ workers in Belgium have been expanded and tightened. The appointment of a liaison person, a natural person domiciled in Belgium, has become an obligation. Link4Projects is the liaison for European subcontractors and will act as the contact point with the Belgian control officials within the framework of the employment of posted workers.

Link4Projects is your first point of contact if adjustment or mediation is necessary

Many companies have experience with European subcontractors. These experiences can vary from very positive to less so.
Link4Projects searches for the right subcontractor who delivers the required quality and respects the planning.
Link4Projects also guides the subcontractor during the preparation and calculation of the tender, taking into account the legal requirements
framework. After all, it is important that the proposed offer is calculated with the right parameters to ensure a healthy
profit model.
Link4Projects actively helps to adjust a project if necessary, together with you and the European subcontractor.

1 Call, message or email is sufficient !


Link4Projects informs and advises its European subcontractors to respect all legal obligations, A1, minimum wage per scale, Limosa, ..., to respect the safety regulations, plan, PPSS.
Link4Projects maintains personal contact and regularly visits the sites where its subcontractors work.
Link4Projects pro-actively contacts you to make sure the collaboration is going well and regularly asks questions to understand how the collaboration can be strengthened.

What kind of projects do our European subcontractors carry out?

The companies in our network are mainly active in Building and Industry: Construction, infrastructure, roofing, HVAC, concrete structures,
painting, etc. Also where possible in welding or metal construction but also in industrial automation, road marking and maintenance.
In short, a range of specialisations, all experts in their field.