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Link4Projects helps you to use european subcontractors in a sensible way, i.e. we are the link between your company project and the resources of the european subcontractor, expertise, labour, ...

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Link4Projects: Intelligent use of European subcontractors

More and more companies have temporary or permanent shortages of additional manpower and expertise. Local subcontractors are busy, have no capacity left or don't meet your requirements. Link4Projects helps you find the right subcontractors.

Link4Projects visits the Budma Fair in Poznan Poland

Link4projects visited the Budma Fair in Poznan, Poland at the end of January. The Budma Fair is the biggest construction fair in Poland and surroundings.

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What do our customers say?


Since the time that I have been working with the subcontractor that Link2projects proposed to me, we have come a long way, in the meantime we have built a close team that carries out the awarded projects with good quality. The guidance of Link4Projects was very helpful to optimise the cooperation with the subcontractor and to lift it to the level of the current cooperation.

Manager Construction Workshop


We are very satisfied with the team of the Portuguese subcontractor that Link4Projects introduced to us. They are hard workers who know their job very well and we have been working with them for many months now.

Foreman - East Flemish Prebab Company


Since my cooperation with Link4Projects I have already proposed several projects. Recently, I have started a collaboration with a specialized plastering company from Limburg. The projects we can execute fall completely within our speciality so that customer satisfaction is guaranteed and allows me to build a close partnership.

Warehouse manager Subcontractor specializing in plastering